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Storm Shelters

The durability of precast concrete and controlled production standards make the material ideal for protecting your family in the event of bad weather. Our precast concrete storm shelters are certified to meet the National Storm Shelter Association’s (NSSA) Standard. The NSSA Standard for storm shelters was adopted by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) into the International Code Council/National Storm Shelter Association 500 (ICC/NSSA) Standard for Design and Construction of Storm Shelters. This code provides consumer confidence that products built by NSSA members meet the needed criteria. This is the same criteria referenced in the current Alabama Emergency Management Agency’s (EMA) Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant programs. The NSSA requires all shelter designs to be reviewed and approved by a 3rd party engineer. You should never consider products that were designed for other purposes to protect your family during inclement weather.

We recommend above ground shelters, or safe rooms, as opposed to underground alternatives for the following reasons. Shelters only serve their purpose if they are accessible. Below ground shelters typically require stairs and hatches. Hatch doors can be hard to lift and stairs can be difficult, even when dry. When wet, they may be slippery and dangerous, and are often hazardous for the elderly. Above ground shelters are easier to install on residential sites and do not require excavation.

Please see the brochures below for more about our precast storm shelters. Additional information about NSSA and the Alabama EMA Mitigation grants are available through the links on this page.

Bartow Precast 606070 Storm Shelter Brochure

Bartow Precast 3060 Storm Shelter Brochure




3060 Storm Shelter Brochure
606070 Storm Shelter Brochure
"Shelter From The Storm" article


Bartow's NPCA Plant Certification
NPCA Plant Certification
National Storm Shelter Association
Alabama EMA Mitigation Grant

National Precast Concrete Association

Central Alabama Storm Shelter